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Mandy and Tia May 2017

ManMandy, February 2014dy grew up around horses and has been riding since she was four years old.  For the last 18 years Mandy has combined her professional work career with a riding career competing in Dressage.

 Mandy’s Riding Career
Having been raised with horses, they have always been a big part of Mandy’s life. Early on in her riding career Mandy was interested in Eventing which is often considered the ultimate challenge of fitness and endurance for both horse and rider. She enjoyed putting her horses through their paces in the three compulsory areas of dressage, cross-country and jumping, each requiring a different skill set from both rider and horse.

Successful eventing requires good communication and understanding between the rider and horse. Mandy competed at Intermediate level Eventing whilst fitting in her business career and travelling extensively.

After competing in her spare time for many years Mandy moved her focus to dressage more than 18 years ago, and relishes the new challenges of horse and rider working in complete harmony. In dressage the focus is on precision, concentration and control.

Mandy now has 4 horses all at different levels within dressage – from medium/advanced level, one at PSG.

Mandy on one of her horses

Mandy on one of her horses

Mandy takes her training seriously and although she is an amateur she rides against the professionals all the time. Here is a clip of her competing.  Mandy describes herself as an enthusiastic amateur! Below are some pictures of Mandy competing.




Southern Region Winter FinalsFebruary 2014   February 2014

Mandy enjoys studying the riding and the impact of the rider on the horse and results. Mandy likes to work on the psychological side of riding, thinking of getting into the right mindset and she studies the impact the mind has on performance. She takes what she does in her working life and applies it to her riding and she uses the power of the mind to help her with her competing.

Winning Med Adv to Music 24 May 2014






Mandy on the boat

Mandy on the boat



Mandy is married to Julian and lives in West Sussex in the South of the UK and as Julian is a keen sailor Mandy spends time sailing too – but in the summer only!