Leading the Organisation – Business and Cultural Transformation

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Mandy works with us through organisational change and organisational culture. She has worked on two or three projects now with me where we’ve taken the organisation and worked on the culture really from the individual contributor all the way through to me as the leader of the organisation” John W Turner

Corporate Politics – Act like an Owl, think like a Fox

Our experts advisors can work with you to craft the vision, manage communication and drive cultural change. Some questions around culture we hear include:-

What is Culture?
Why does it matter?
Isn’t it just soft and fluffy really?
How does it affect the bottom line?
Where does it start and what are the elements of it?
How can we break it down and really work with it?

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Working with us

We work with leaders and teams to facilitate crafting the VISION – we use creative techniques to ensure these are powerful and to ensure buy-in





Neal Watkins, Chief Product Officer and Executive Board Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, UK


We support the COMMUNICATION and BUSINESS CULTURE CHANGE to make Visions come to life. Have you ever heard the expression ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast?’ Great planning alone is not enough. We work to get true EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT and deliver lasting INFORMATIONAL CHANGE.


“We went through one or two reorganisations within my team and we used Excellence in Leadership to help us facilitate the communications of them and to work out what we were going to do. There were lots of helpful hints and reminders from Mandy using our MBTI that we worked with her through.” Tim Noble, Managing Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Intercontinental Exchange – ICE Data Services