Executive Coaching


Senior executives have a key responsibility to set a role model for addressing their own development in the context of both the individual and the business need. Our executive coaches are all senior business people in their own right and have years of experience in supporting today’s business leaders to stay at the top of their game.

  • One to one coaching against background of business and individual needs
  • Personal feedback using psychometric tools to develop awareness of self and others
  • Personal exploration of leadership dynamics
  • Development of self managed learning to address personal and business needs
  • Personal coaching in role model behaviours and communications
  • Working through personal key relationships and the politics and dynamics in a senior environment
  • Awareness of Self PR and personal impact

Lynn Hill:


“By the way I wanted to so thank you for your time and energy and lending of the books you gave me.  I find myself picking up and reading them as and when it seems to be the right time and relevant to current events.  On the Go – Giver now.  You have been an instrumental person in my life to help with the transition to more self awareness and self worth present and future self to which I am finding a platform to give.  I have so much respect for who and what you are and what you give and how it reflects back on you.  Positive role model.”

“Thanks for a great session.  It left me on a high, feeling positive and much more self confident.”

“The sentence that comes to mind is ‘to get the best of me’.  We were talking about my son and the state you are in when you play with your kids, when you do the tickle monster, when there is nobody else in the world and you are 100% focused on them and they are getting the best of you.  Now Mandy has taken those things and put them into real time application in the organisation and how I interact with people, and also how I get the best of me for me.  Really what is the best of me and what am I capable of, and realising that there is no wrong or right or good of bad, there is no judgement, it is just how I can be the best for the organisation, the family and myself.  To be in that state, when I am with my son, and also duplicate that ideal state with my workers, with the people that report to me, and my everyday life, and to really point those things out has been awesome.”  Senior Manager, US Technology Company 

“I got the offer of promotion! My boss was sick this week and I had to step in and do his presentations and present his papers. They were really pleased with me, discussed it and made me the offer. I am so thrilled! Thank you for all your help”

“I truly feel my life has changed both professionally and personally… I have got a world of little techniques that I can use both for myself in terms of managing my stress but also in terms of building relationships with people. I am so grateful for going through this experience and I want to thank you so much for doing this 6 months with me”

“It’s made me really aware of what is going on in my surroundings and the people that are around me, and I don’t know how I ever did my job without having some of these tools and techniques that I have learned. It has been the most amazing experience”