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Mandy talks about Transparency

“Before I met Excellence in Leadership, I didn’t feel that I belonged and I had a lot of insecurities so I was over compensating. Mandy really broke that down and showed me where I was brilliant. She really homed in on my strengths. Before my evolution with Mandy, I was always the cheerleader, a utility individual. Now, my department has grown 10 times in our impact to the business”

What kind of leader do you see?

Using the key principles of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, we will work with you in the areas of coaching, self leadership and empowerment,powerful personal communications and high impact leadership skills:


Here are a few words from our clients. Find out more about what we our Executive Coaching covers.

Peter Dembrowski, Vice President, North America Sales, TriNet

Lynn Hill:


“I got the offer of promotion!  My boss was sick this week and I had to step in and do his presentations and present his papers.  They were really pleased with me, discussed it and made me the offer.  I am so thrilled!  Thank you for all your help”

“I truly feel my life has changed both professionally and personally… I have got a world of little techniques that I can use both for myself in terms of managing my stress but also in terms of building relationships with people.  I am so grateful for going through this experience and I want to thank you so much for doing this 6 months with me”

“It’s made me really aware of what is going on in my surroundings and the people that are around me, and I don’t know how I ever did my job without having some of these tools and techniques that I have learned.  It has been the most amazing experience”



Personalised 360 review


Find out more about how our personalised 360 Feedback Review can help you and your team achieve more.



“I had a full day with Mandy where she gave me feedback on the results of the Excellence in Leadership 360 and it was an amazing experience. As long as you do something with the feedback, it’s an absolute gift, not only to hear what you could do differently and better but also to be reminded of what you’re unconsciously competent in so that you make sure you continue to do it” Tim Noble, Managing Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Intercontinental Exchange – ICE Data Services

“You sort of know but you really don’t until you dig deep into it and you’re seeing how you’re being projected. Excellence in Leadership did a 360 review of me and it’s interesting when you think how you are and then see how you’re perceived. I sort of perceive myself as Jack Walsh and some people see me as Hulk Hogan! Going into it I thought I knew a lot about who I was and what type of leader I was but the deeper we got into to it I did realise that I didn’t truly understand some of the short comings and Mandy did a great job of dissecting that and it really helped me” Joe Bush, Vice President, Sales, TriNet

“Again, thank you for your time, energy and empathy… you are fabulous!”



Powerful Personal Communications


Find out more about powerful personal communication.




“It’s essentially about how you deal with people, your whole presence and how to transform into much more of an executive position; a lot of that is done through how you interact with your peers, team and then how you tune and develop that over time” David Phull, VMware