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Hear Mandy’s thoughts on ‘why is leadership so important?’

“The work with Excellence in Leadership has bottom line impact – not just touchy/feely leadership stuff. The improved levels of trust, openness and effectiveness of the leaders led to much better results. Without the focus on the leaders and team this wouldn’t be the case.” Debbie Fogel-Monnissen


What are the things that make you a great leader?


Team Impact Discovery
We work to create authentic team dynamics, focussing on behaviours and relationships. We will quickly help a team understand their current state, create the ideal state and bridge the gap.

We build a unique program for each client, but to give you an idea some of the very effective methods we use include:



  • Feedback is the life blood of successful organisations. We often conduct a Team Climate Study. This is a unique process to get deep feedback from team members, a section of the organisation and even external stakeholders. It’s a highly confidential process that really delivers high value and actionable information. We then offer Leadership Team events with a process to analyse, review and act upon this rich feedback. We would love to tell you more about this and other ways we can swiftly uncover the reality of your team.







Team Awareness

  • At Excellence in Leadership we use MBTI, FIRO-B and other psychometrics to explore and understand the leadership team impact upon the organisation. When we run a session with these tools we ensure they are applicable and deliver real time, in the moment learning
  • Facilitated team sessions to build trust and alignment
  • Facilitated workshops to foster and harness innovation for growth

Some comments from our clients:

From the leaders:

  • “I first engaged with Excellence in Leadership with personal leadership development and executive coaching for myself which exposed me to a whole new set of approaches as well as a much more qualitative engagement in those models and theories; and then how you practically apply them to yourself to start with, which is really where I think I started off my journey. Once I had tackled that initial ground, I thought this is great for me but I am not the answer to the problem, the answer is both team and organisation. So then we started to work at a team leadership level with team climate studies and 360s as well as trying to drive more awareness and self-regulation for the team around their own strengths and development areas as individuals and as part of a bigger team”
    Neal Watkins, Chief Product Officer and Executive Board Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, UK
  • “When I engaged with Mandy I was at a company which at the time was very matrixed – so where I had a leadership team, probably only half of them reported directly to me. Because the organisation hadn’t been very successful there was no sense of team. What Excellence in Leadership offered was a different approach and the whole exercise was extraordinarily successful and as a team we become one of the highest performing regions and we become known for being the most fantastic team” Tim Noble, Managing Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Intercontinental Exchange – ICE Data Services
  • “You were a tremendous welcomed addition… A valuable investment!”
    Financial Officer, global organisation
  • “Thank you for today’s session. We accomplished a great deal and came out in a really good place. I never cease to be amazed by what you can do, brilliant feedback on your course as always and thank you both for the effort you put into this and the reward the team got out of it. Great individual comments which I will feed back to my management team.” VP, EMEA
  • “Many thanks for the time and effort you put into our team meeting. The feedback from the team has been very positive. It’s not just been the verbal feedback that has been good, it’s actually been very enlightening to see the physical action that has come about since the meeting – the vast majority are getting engaged and involved. From my side it has been really pleasing to see the team engaging more with each other… everyone is getting involved and sharing information and it looks like it could be an excellence replacement to the one-way calls I was having” Senior Director, EMEA, UK

From the team members:

  • “From a corporate standpoint, we came in and there were 5 different armies and they all had their own initiatives. Working with Excellence in Leadership has brought us together as one unit, one team and one nation. Even though there are different flags, we’re all under one nation and people stopped saying “I’m this” or “I’m that” and they started saying “we are””
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, even the uncomfortable bits because once you learn how to deal with them they become positive. It works the best when the team that you’re in has the same approach as the team that works for you. The team stuff that Mandy did with my leadership, me and with my team really helped because the observations she made during was then used one to one to work on so that was really powerful. I would recommend working with leaders, leadership team and broader team and not just one area because the power of them collectively gives you so much more” David Phull, VMware
  • “Brilliant work. You showed us a new way of being a unified team”
  • “This was by far the best session I have ever been part of”
  • “Please don’t miss a minute of it. FANTASTIC”
  • “Fantastic 2 days. You both did a fantastic job. It really feels like the beginning of something special”
  • “Wow. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for Day Zero +1 tomorrow!”


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